Belt Requirements

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Basic Hand

Tape System

To prepare the students for testing for their next belt we have a 3 tape system. Each different colored tape represents different requirements that the student will learn in class.

The Red tape represents a students breaking technique for the next belt. Each Belt level requires a different breaking technique.

The White tape represents the one step sparring techniques that are required for the next belt. The one step sparring techniques are movements that the student may use to defend themselves against another person.

The Blue tape represents the form that a student will learn for their next belt. Each form consists of a series of movements in different stances. The movements may contain different blocks, punches, or even a kicking technique which will be combined into a form.

Once a student has all three tapes and the instructor has put an X on the tape, they will then be ready to test for their next belt.


Every 6 to 7 weeks students who have been given all 3 tapes and a X on their belt will be able to test for their next belt. Testing nights are usually on Thursday evenings. Students are to be here one half hour before the actual testing time which is usually 6:30 pm , and all students are required to be in full uniform, no T-Shirts are allowed at testing. Grandmaster Rho will be here on testing times to see each of the students showing what they have learned during the past several weeks. During testing , each student will demonstrate different hand techniques, kicking techniques, they will also do their form that they have learned. They will also do their one step sparrings. At the end of their testing they will break a board using the last breaking technique they have learned. After testing all students who passed will receive their new belt and promotion certificate usually by the beginning of the next week.





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