Florissant School Instructors

Mr. David Anthony Peasel- Master Instructor/ Director
4th degree Black Belt

Honors and Awards:
2004 Distinguished Leadership Award-World Martial Arts Academy
2002 USTU Referee Certification
2000 Instructor of the Year
2000 Missouri State Volunteer Certificate of Appreciation
1989 1st place – Ahn’s TKD U.S. Open
1988 1st place – Missouri State TKD Championships
1988 1st place – Chicago Classic Tournament
1987 1st place – Top 10 Master’s Tournament

“Tae Kwon Do is a great way to improve you physical fitness levels and learn good self-defence from a striking standpoint. Tae Kwon Do training increases cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, muscle tone and imparts a positive, happy achievers state-of-mind. Tae Kwon Do delivers a Black Belt mind and body when taught by a caring, qualified instructor. Tae Kwon Do training takes perseverance and strong commitment to personal excellence. If you want to learn success Tae Kwon Do training is a great place to start. You can develop a ‘Yes I Can & Yes I Will’ attitude. Surpass the easy route of complacency and travel the challenging road of success that kills the quit mentality.”

Mr. Peasel also enjoys serving God in Christ Jesus, loving his wife and spending time with family. He is very athletic and enjoys raquetball, hapkido, ju jitsu, weaponry, basketball and vacationing.


Mr. Brian Christopher Haldaman-Instructor
3rd degree Black Belt
received 3rd degree in 2004

Honor and Awards:
1993 Competitor of the Year
1993 Jr. Olympic Bronze Medalist
1994 Missouri State Champion
1993 Missouri State Champion
1992 Missouri State Champion
1990 Missouri State Champion
1988 Missouri State Champion
1993 Olympic Training Camp
D-2 Referee Certification

“The number one thing I would like to convey to anyone trying to achieve something is to set goals for yourself, commit yourself to those goals, and pursue those goals with everything you have; because excellence is only achieved through constant pursuit.”

Mr. Haldaman is also a 5th grade teacher and enjoys reading, computers, rollerblading, rockclimbing and tennis.



Mr. Welton Davey – Instructor
3rd degree, green tip
received 3rd degree in 2003

Honors and Awards:
1998 2nd place, sparring & forms– Missouri State Tournament
Trained in Moo Duk Kwon by an American training team in Saudi Arabia
Trained in ITF Tae Kwon Do by the British in Saudi Arabia
Trained in various weapons including the staff, nunchucks, Japanese sword & Korean sword

“As martial artists we must never forget the basics. We can not get engulfed in moving from belt rank to belt rank. Knowledge is the key for the successful martial artist. Strive for knowledge and then ask for more. The best martial artists are only as good as what they know. As an instructor my goal and my mission is to fill any student that wants to learn with as much information as that student can comfortably absorb.”

Mr. Davey also enjoys horseback riding, darts & pool/ billiards.



Matthew W. Campbell – assistant
1st degree black belt since 2004

Honors and Awards:
4.0 GPA
Perfect attendance
Leadership award
WMAA Florissant Junior Assistant
2nd place sparring, Olivette WMAA tournament
WMAA Florissant Storm team member
WMAA Florissant Demo team member

“Tae Kwon Do helps to build character and confidence. It also helps your body be in shape and your mind to think clearer. It teaches discipline and respect. You learn to trust your instructors and people you teach. It also teaches you about how you act and talk, and that your actions are important because the kids around you learn from what you do.”

Matt’s other interests include music, singing and sports.


Samantha Lynn Helm – assistant
Green 1st belt, July 2004

“All of the advanced techniques are based on the basics. Once you’ve got those down it makes everything else a lot easier down the road. A lot of other things in life are the same way like learning how to play a sport or instrument. Take your time learning. Don’t rush, life is not a race.”

Sam also enjoys playing the piano.






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